The Phantom of the Soundstage is the 15th episode of Kappa Mikey.


Tired of Mikey's pranks, Lily discovered that  the soundstage is haunted by the Phantom of the Soundstage, who is Ozu's janitor by day, So she team up with him to pull the  biggest prank ever on Mikey for revenge. In a Subplot, when Guano's "suit" is covered in Yellow-green paint due to Mikey's antics, Guano learns he must take off his suit, which might reveal who he really is.


  • Nicktoons Network only airs this episode during the Halloween season, probably because they think it's a Halloween special. Some may consider this the "fake" halloween special. Being filled with numerous pranks, it's obviously got more of an April Fool's Day theme to it.
  • Many fans dislike and critize this episode due to how Lily pranked Mikey with a red marker and putting a "Kick me sign" on his back and wanted this episode banned.
  • We learn that in the original Lilymu, the phantom was the main star, until a guy from Canada won a contest to be in it and ruin the phantom's face by writng "FART" on his forehead.