After Mikey sells a LilyMu prop, he has to find a replacement for them to finish a shoot. He finds a sword stuck in a rock called “The Dragon’s Spike”. When he shows off its powers, his friends start hanging out with him just to enjoy the sword’s magic, and they start to fight over his friendship. The gang soon finds out that the sword is actually a real spike from a dragon’s tail, and the dragon now wants to eat Mikey for waking him up from his thousand-year nap.


  • Mitsuki: How did you do that?
  • Mikey: What? With this sword? Oh, you want some, too?

  • Guano: Whoa. Make it do something else. Ahh!
  • (Gunao is doing a butt dance)
  • All: (Laughs)
  • (Ozu and Yes Man arrives)
  • Ozu: Mikey, are you using the magic sword to make Gauno do the butt dance?
  • Mikey: Uh, no.
  • Ozu: I'm watching.
  • Yes Man: You are suspect!

  • Man: (off-screen) Hey, my paper!
  • Yes Man: Ahh!
  • Ozu: (off-screen) Hey, my Yes Man!
  • Yes Man: Ahh!

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