the, "cooler" version of Mikey. ¬.¬;

Suave Mikey is a Mikey Look-alike, but cooler "looking" who only appears in the episode, Ship of fools, he is also apparently a Mikey Cosplayer (like the rest of Tokyo, even the girls).

KM 103 Ship of Fools P1

KM 103 Ship of Fools P1


Suave Mikey looks identical to Mikey Simon, only he seems to wear sunglasses all the time (except in the first scene, we see him is he slides it down his face a bit in order to get a close look at the cast he walked to, sounds like an ego that bursted out), and after Mitsuki mistakes him as Mikey, he goes, "Oh," looks behind him for suspicious eyes, "yeah, here I am, Mikey Simon."


It seems that like Mikey, Suave Mikey might have come from America. he was first introduced when Mikey bumped into him while waiting for the new LilyMu Game.

after Lily askes why he's wearing glasses he "smoothly" responds, "Because you're beauty is blinding.'' causing her to blush and go all cute eyed, (wow she fell for that easily) but Mitsuki seems to be disgusted and you can tell already by her face expression, the sound effect, and the rotten egg emotes over her head. this twin thing is usually called a, (änger).