"Stuck Together" is an episode of Dancing Sushi.

Synopsis Edit

The episode begins with the sushi gang playing music on their various instruments. Roro jumps in and interrupts the music by showing he has a large amount of pink gum on his back. Salmon then remembers that a boy was in there chewing the gum, and that it was sticky.
Stuck Together 2

Roro's back with gum on it

Salmon tries to pull it off of Roro's back, but becomes stuck. This makes Larry and Meep think and then try to pull Salmon off of Roro's back. This makes them get launched into the bubble gum and makes them all become stuck together. They begin to struggle to get out of the gumball, but cannot.

They try to walk in 4 different directions to stretch the gum so that it will break and free them. This makes them be flung back into each other and begin to roll as a ball into some jars. Once they hit the jars, they become dizzy and then realize they have separated. However, when Roro tries to remove his hand from his head, he realizes it is glued in place.

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