Nightly News is an episode of Dancing Sushi.

Synopsis Edit

Nightly News 2

The episode begins with the sushi gang watching the news on television. Salmon grows bored of watching it, and falls asleep. He then dreams about being a News Anchorman himself. He covers topics of pyramids, chemicals, cheese, and a monster. The monster then comes through the screen, and Salmon panics. He tries to push the monster back through the scene. It then switches over to Roro, who is a sports reporter. Roro is nearly hit by a baseball and hit by a basketball. It then switches back over to Salmon, who is attacked by the monster. Meep then takes the scene by reporting on a sleeping bear. Roro then comes bouncing in on the basketball and awakens the sleeping bear, enraging it. This leads to Meep freaking out and runs away. The scene then goes back to Salmon, who is on a destroyed set, who passes out. Larry then takes over as a weatherman. He says that there is a tornado in the forecast, and becomes slightly nervous. Then several more tornadoes appear on the weather map, and he freaks out. While freaking out, he is caught in one of the tornadoes. The tornado then picks up Salmon, and they are spun around the room. Salmon then hits the camera, causing the screen to go to static. Salmon then wakes up screaming, but is then he realizes it was just a dream and his friends are asleep next to him.

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