"Mikey Likes It" is the 7th episode in season 1 of Kappa Mikey.


Mikey learns about how Japan doesn't have the room for landfills, so they recycle everything. After learning about this joy, Mikey starts to recycle everything just for fun. He "accidentally" recycles Mitsuki's treasured photo album and has to recover it.

After recovering the photo album, he realizes that the images had been removed, so he has to find a way to get them back or create new ones and try to fool Mitsuki.

While Mikey is taking care of Mitsuki's photo album, Ozu tries to stir up some publicity by placing Gonard and Lily into a relationship. Guano decides to join in the love and creates a love triangle which leads to a duel between Guano and Gonard for Lily's heart.

In the end, Mitsuki eventually finds out that the embarrassing pictures were found by a mysterious source and was reported to the news. Mitsuki finds out that it was Mikey, and gets mad at him. Mikey tries finding new ways of saying "I'm sorry" for the pictures, but Mitsuki doesn't forgive him. Eventually, Mitsuki forgives Mikey and Lily, Gonard, and Guano agree to be friends and nothing else.