Mikey Impossible is the second episode of season 1 of Kappa Mikey.

A showboating Mikey destroys Ozu's beloved 500-year-old bonsai tree. Mikey and the gang must replace the tree before Ozu returns from his vacation to the airport or Lily (their boss in loco) figures out what's going on. As Ozu finds out, the LilyMu actors (and actresses) were fired and LilyMu was canceled. As Mikey explains to Ozu, Lily was fired as the boss, and Mikey, Mitsuki, Gonard, and Guano are re-hired, and LilyMu is back on the air. Ozu has done a lot with his bonsai tree, and you notice that Ozu had his same old person face since he was a baby in his flashback.

Ozu's vacation Edit

At the airport, Ozu surfed on the luggage tracks in the airport and stuffed Yes-man in his luggage and was X-rayed in the airport's X-ray machine.

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