Lydia is a character in Kappa Mikey. She is a goth cheerleader who only appears in
Kappa Mikey 201 Camp! P2

Kappa Mikey 201 Camp! P2

 "Camp!", in which she became Gonard's friend and started hanging out with him.


As a goth, Lydia has pale skin and dark green hair. She wears dark-red eye shadow, but she wears a black choker, a dark blue cheerleader outfit, 2 purple arm-warmers, dark blue socks, and black boots.


When Gonard arrived at the wrong camp and cried after all the other cheerleaders called him a monster, Lydia was the only one not afraid of him and decided to hang out with him for a whole week. However, after Gonard saved the other cheerleaders from falling out of the broken platform, he left her to be with the cool cheerleaders; but he came back to her after realizing that he has nothing in common with them and he decided to be playing tetherball again.


  • Even though Lydia was just a one-time character, she has gained a lot of fans of the show.
  • Many fans believe that she would make the perfect girlfriend for Gonard.
  • A few fans believed that Lydia's name and character was based on Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice.
    • They're both named Lydia.
    • They have goth appearances and yet a cheerful attitude.