LilyMeow is the 9th episode of the first season of Kappa Mikey.


Mikey finds a kitten in the studio and decides to adopt it for a publicity stunt. The cat, however, ends up earning more popularity than the whole LilyMu group, and uses its cuteness to become a star. Ozu, seeing how much attention he's earning, accepts him in the LilyMu Show, much to the gang's chagrin. They start plotting to get rid of the cat, but after the catwalk which Kello was standing on falls, he's hurt and blames them for it to Ozu. This results in the whole group being fired, except for Guano, who was absent and is frequently beguiled by the cat's cuteness. They resort to the same cat burglar from 'The Fugi-Kid' to get rid of the cat, but not knowing that he actually plans on eating him. They are able to stop him in front of the public, where Kello was giving a speech. Fans celebrate the victory of the LilyMu Team, and they both regain the attention and are rehired by Ozu, not remembering why he fired them in the first place. Furious, Kello attempts to get rid of LilyMu for good by squashing them with a statue, but he fails and ends up being sent to a kid's cartoon, where he's frequently tormented in front of the cameras. In the subplot, Lily and Mitsuki have a fight about the location of their characters mannequins in a LilyMu Store.


  • Kello's name is a parody of Hello Kitty.
  • This episode reveals that Mitsuki has only one kidney because she donated one to Lily.
  • There's a continuity error in a scene: when Kello accuses the LilyMu group of injuring him, Guano appears amongst them, when he wasn't present at that moment.
  • A Japanese parody of the Teletubbies can be seen at the end of the episode.