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LilyMeow is the 9th episode of the first season of Kappa Mikey.


Mikey finds a kitten in the studio, so think adopting for more popularity, but instead, the cat earns more popularity LilyMu whole band. After the platform which was above Kello falls, is hurt, guilt Ozu LilyMu team (except Guano) and fires. Then they call the same thief that 'The Fugi-Kid' to steal the cat, but do not know the thief to eat cats. Guys are able to stop (although it was they who called him to steal the cat in the first place). Giants fans celebrate the victory of LilyMu Equipment and regain attention again (well, Ozu ros rehired to remember why he dismissed first). In the subplot, Lily and Mitsuki have a fight about the location of their characters mannequins in a shop LilyMu.


  • Hello name is a parody of Hello Kitty.
  • This episode reveals that Mitsuki has only one kidney because he donated one to Lily.
  • A Japanese parody of the Teletubbies can be seen at the end of the episode.

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