Icy Hot is an episode of Dancing Sushi.

Synopsis Edit

Icy Hot 1

The Sushi gang being hot

The episode begins with the sushi gang suffering in the extreme heat. Salmon notices an ice tray that is filled with water, and they all go and play in it for relief from the heat. Meep and Roro splash water on each other, Salmon does cannonballs and Larry is drinking from a coconut.

While playing in the ice tray, they are carried to the freezer. The Sushi Chef takes them out of the freezer. He then places them in a cup and pours lemonade on them without realizing they were in the ice cubes. The Sushi Chef drinks the lemonade and spits it out because he believes it tastes funny. The sushi gang breaks out of the ice cubes and begin to dance for joy.

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