Hog Day Afternoon is the 3rd episode on the second season of Kappa Mikey. It is the 29th episode overall. Aired by June 23, 2007.

Hog Day Afternoon

Synopsis Edit

In LilyMu

Guano is kidnapped by the evil Gonard, has Gonard rocket skates but Mitsuki almost rescues but Gonard strongly steps on the street, so that lands between Mitsuki and Lily. Mikey arrives to rescue Gonard Guano but escapes leading to poor Guano, Lily worries. Mikey goes up to super-motorcycle chase Gonard. Mikey Guano screaming fans but saved his life but with super-motocycle. Mikey has a microchip to rocket skates Gonard both lose control, now ends in the episode when Mikey grateful to Guano (this on the bike) with mannitol above.


Mikey says his bike is a junk (I think the bike is dirty and broken but needs to repair), Guano warned him cast gasoline. Mikey confused with gasoline and fart check the entire cast. Guano says that Ozu dismiss him from the show and will return to work as a miner with a pampering (Guano appears in flashback chopping stones but some pampering always copy it, Guano tells enraged: Stop copy!). Guano is altered both network and capture Guano (actually it was Yes-Man). Ozu tells because the recordings are not working but Mikey tells you that your bike no use but touching, and then decays. Mikey tells you how to get or repair his old bike. Ozu gave ultra-platinum card to Mikey.

LilyMu Towers, Mitsuki laughs when watching your social network called superfunplace (parody of MySpace). Lily comes to see you're doing Mitsuki in the social network. Mitsuki tells the social network that is super fun, but Lily was surprised Mitsuki sings a song called super fun. Lily is confused but a little nervous, Mitsuki has about 1,000 friends but Lily will have about 10,000 friends, Mitsuki says it's not a competition but Lily takes their laptop to your bedroom.

Mikey reaches bikes Beef, Mikey arrives at the store but appears Beef and his band The Chums. Beef says Mikey who wants to bathe your dog or repair your bike, Mikey choose to repair his bike, Mikey Beef regret that he gave his bike last year. Mikey is nervous to speak to him again reaches his band from the beginning. Mikey paid with Ozu ultra-platinum card to repair his motorcycle.

LilyMu, Towers Mitsuki is writing social network because his grandmother is sick, Lily puts his place but records to your profile, Mitsuki tells him Lily has few friends. But his profile was a complete failure, Lily is furious about not having friends in your profile. Mitsuki confessed error is the internet, but it ignores Lily Lily is a beautiful artist girl and says angrily: WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS!!!. Lily already happened and has a friend who is Guano. Mitsuki tells her profile record yesterday of the blonde. He gonard get happy with your laptop because it already has 1,500 friends but Mitsuki did not seem anything. Lily is furious but almost rises again and then hits the door in the face of Lily, Guano get happy because I already have 2,000 registered your friends and win a pizza, Gonard rages. Lily is furious again but almost rises again and then hits the door in the face of Lily. A pizza delivery but Gonard and Guano this happy and hambientos. Lily angry but begins to scream in anger at not having friends, Lily breaks and breaks down Gonard laptop. Guano Gonard and the fruit of shock.

In motorcycles Beef Beef is Mikey's bike repaired. Mikey expected but grabs a microchip (in the flashback shown when driving and Mikey said Master and bike speaks also said he told Mikey but says: I love you!). Beef takes away the microchip Mikey and says he's not for sale, Mikey wants to give him but given his microchip Beef refuses to lend. Mikey takes 'borrowed' a defective for Beef Bicycles motorcycle updated microchip, and soon becomes a talking bicycle own mind.

Mikey gets excited when the speaker bike leads to the streets of Tokyo, a dog is growling against bike but bike was happy but playing with the dog, Mikey is happy about the bike, Bike talking with glass (thanks for reflection ). Mikey frisby struggling with bike but hits the lens. Mikey when an old drive is conducting (the traffic light changes from green) Moto leads with maximum speed and elderly Ethel says: That so cute guy. Mikey tired but will go to the garage but refuses to go bike motorcycle saying he wants to live. Mikey says let's go to the garage but the bike but denies driving with maximum speed, Mikey cries about the danger of risking his life.

LilyMu Towers, Mitsuki, Gonard and Guano are concerned that Lily is in the furious door (takes many hours in there) in the bedroom, Guano disguises nana (with coffee with flower petal hat) opens the door, but Lily Guano throws it from the wall, Gonard millionaire disguises but Lily threatened to burn it, Mitsuki Lily knocks on the door and told Lily: Pass Lily is somewhat calm and Mitsuki is worried about what to friends. Lily is furious because she thinks the fans leave. Mitsuki has a plan that is an advertising campaign, Lily is surprised, Mitsuki has an idea to have friends like friends. Lily quiiere much, especially Guano, Gonard and Mitsuki.

On the streets of Tokyo, Mikey was hit by the motorcycle but confesses he stole his microchip without permission, Moto tracks it plays a stray dog. Mikey has an idea to undo of the microchip.

Beef on bikes, Mikey tells about a lie to buy rockets. Beef arrives but begins with his band. Mikey confesses to Beef on the question of these microchips, Beef repent and think bike threat to break it down, Mikey almost want to part of that band, Bike is dancing like pose, Beef says he stole the chip was he (Mikey). Mikey fled the store with the bike very upset, Beef separates and says: You're not even a chums!

On the streets of Tokyo, a concert posters SemiSuperFunPlace Lily was stuck everywhere, Mitsuki has 50 thousand posters for the event. Guano is confused (in flashback Lily is singing in the presentation but viewers do not have the event, just Ozu, Yes Man and Yoshi boo him but Lily is furious) what happened because Mitsuki Lily posters Viking disguise but the responsible thing is changing Gonard SuperFunPlace Viking. Gonard says the campaign is Viking Relations (VR) Mitsuki says it is public relations (PR) not by the Viking relations. Lily arrives at the moment but she disgusted to see that sign but she has a passion for fashion, Lily paste it in the same cartel, Lily screams Gonard, Gonard says it will remove the posters until Tuesday, the Vikings arrive from that moment. Lily torture but then she flees.

On the streets of Tokyo, this sad Mikey sitting on a bench watching the picture of him and his band. Moto Photo burns and his band Mikey, Mikey gets mad and then remove the key but off the bike. Yoshi gets to ask Mikey Mikey his bike and says he wants deshacerle of that bike, Moto listening still active but is ready for revenge.

Mikey is planning to undo that talking motorcycle, Moto wants to eliminate vs. Mikey, Mikey sends the bike into the trash, Moto confesses that Mikey has one key, a blowtorch and a mask. Moto kicks him against Mikey and says should be on TV! people laughed at for saying that funny and embarrassing phrase. Mikey flees because motorcycle chases.

LilyMu Towers in the courtyard, so Lily is tired running, Lily asks her to go, the Vikings said Lily's voice is rather strong, Mitsuki tells him that Lily is not a real Viking, puts his horn Enfar against Lily, Guano tells named to Friga. Lily Gonard guilt, but the Vikings led him to Lily and she says angrily: fix that !.

Moto is looking for Mikey, Mikey hid in three places: in the car of the sausage, the drain and the last, the contest. So arrives at Torres LilyMu, Mikey is disguised because he has a beard (which is false). The phone is ringing and then calls it, Mikey was scared because bike was there in the room dressed in a similar mask of Jason Voorhees and then flees Mikey and motorcycle chases.

LilyMu in the room, Lily is angry and wants to check e Enfar but she refuses to see him, Mitsuki says to calm down, but she is furious because he has friends in the social networks. Infar throws his stick to correct and proved that has more than 1 million funfriends, Lily is surprised by the news but Guano says he wants to see that, out there are people dressed as Vikings, thanks for Mitsuki and Guano. The Vikings are celebrating for 1 million friends.

On the streets of Tokyo, Mikey was scared by that is the end, Moto threatened to kill but Mikey wind it dodges but The Chundos arrives at that time. Moto be sad to give a slow walk, Mikey says that he will not steal the prototypes (refer to microchips). Mikey tells him that stole credit card Beef because Mikey I buy a burrito. Beef is enraged and chases after Mikey, now ends in the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of this episode comes from the movie ''Dog Day Afternoon''.
  • This episode features one of the few talking ''Kappa Mikey'' characters to be animated in CGI. In this case, it is Mikey's bike after it comes alive.

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