Laughing ghosts

"Halloween" is an episode of Dancing Sushi.


The episode begins with Roro carving a pumpkin. After Roro is done carving the pumpkin, a ghost appears behind him. This scares Roro and he begins to run from the ghost. Roro hides underneath a cup and manages to escape from the ghost. Then another ghost comes out of hiding from the cup next to Roro, this scares Roro and he screams and runs away. Then the first ghost and the second ghost start chasing Roro. Then Roro jumps into his Jack-o'-lantern and manages to escape from the two ghosts. Then there is a ghost inside the Jack-o'-lantern and this scares Roro and he runs away being followed by all three of the ghosts. While running away from the ghosts, Roro trips and then he is surrounded by the ghosts. The ghosts start laughing and Larry and Salmon remove their costumes. Then Meep walks up and they all get scared and remove the costume from the third ghost, which reveals nothing. After that, they all run away.