Fishing is an episode of Dancing Sushi.

Synopsis Edit

Fishing 1

A peaceful day for fishing

The episode begins with the sushi gang fishing in a pineapple. Salmon goes to cast out his line, but accidentally grabs hold of Larry with his hook. This makes Larry freak out, but Salmon doesn't notice and casts his line out anyway. Larry beings to freak out in the ocean, which causes the ones on the boat to freak out and run around in circles.

Meep decides to throw a life-preserver to Larry, who then grabs hold of it and is happy. This causes the rest of them to let out a sigh of relief. However the feeling of relief is short-lived because a whale then swallows Larry, which causes the rest of them to freak out.
Fishing 12

Larry sitting inside the whale

Larry is found sitting inside the whale. He then comes up with an idea to tickle the whale. Larry begins to tickle the whale, who beings to laugh. After a few moment, he squirts water out his blowhole and Larry flies out, right on top of his mourning friends. Larry then starts dancing, and the whale follows suit.

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