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"Camp!" is the first episode of the second season of Kappa Mikey.


Mikey, Mitsuki, Guano and Lily are tricked into attending a 2 week acting camp (in which they believe they were going to a resort, thanks to Ozu) after they were discovered to have lost their acting ways. Meanwhile, Gonard accidentally went to the wrong camp and attended Cheerleading camp, where he befriended a goth girl named Lydia.


  • Gonard: Cool, a sign! I wonder what it is?
  • Camp Instructor: It said "Cheerleader Camp".
  • Gonard: Shh! I'm trying to read a sign. Uh, later. Resort here I come. Cool!
  • Girl: Hi, girls?
  • Girls: Hey!
  • Gonard: Hey, Girlfriends!
  • Girls: Ahh!
  • Girl: It's that monster from the LilyMu show!
  • Girls: Ahh!
  • Gonard: Wait! I'm not a monster! I'm just a giant with a monster face!

  • Gonard: So stretching? Pretty fun.
  • Girls: Ahh!
  • Gonard: Wait! I'm not a monster!
  • Girls: The monster is trying to say something! Ahh!
  • Gonard: Hey, did a monster do this? G-O-N-A-R making rhymes is not so hard; P-P ain't J sandwiches are an okay! Not a monster!
  • Camp Instructor: Okay, girls, time to practice your throw.
  • Gonard: Awesome!
  • Girl: Ahh!
  • Gonard: Now, you throw me.
  • Girls: Ahh!
  • Gonard: (Sobbing) I only want accepted and snacks! Oh, how I want snacks! (Sobbing)
  • Lydia: Wow. Are you a monster?
  • Gonard: (Sobbing)
  • Lydia: Cool.
  • Gonard: (Sobbing) Uh-huh.

  • Gonard: Hmm. A floor looks wet better than normal. Oh well.
  • Girls: 1, 2, 3. 1, 2... Ahh! Made a mess to shore! He can't be soaked! Ahh!
  • Gonard: I just want them to like me.

  • Gonard: Why can't it?

  • German Boy: Lots of the coolers, ja!
  • Lydia: Uh oh. Looks like the popular girls decide to play a little joke.
  • Gonard: My undies the new camp flag? Fly proud boys, fly proud.
  • Lydia: I don't, your honored, Gonard?
  • Gonard: Oh. (Sobbing)

  • Camp Instructor: If you gonna be a real cheerleader? You need long to passy. Let's work on those scream!
  • Girl: Ahh! Ahh!
  • Gonard: I don't why are there scream so great. I can scream like that. Ahh!
  • Lydia: Yeah. It's getting there.
  • All: Ahh!
  • Camp Structor: Ahh!
  • All: Ahh!
  • Lydia: What do we do?
  • Gonard: I got it! 1, 2 and flip 3, and kick, and airing!
  • Girls: The monster saved us! OMG! Wow! For a creature of the night, you really good moves.
  • Gonard: Wait. I thought you guys were scared of me?
  • Girls: That was 5 minutes ago! Yeah!
  • Lydia: You did it, Gonard. You did it.

  • Gonard: Hey.
  • Lydia: Gonard. I thought you ganging out with your popular friends?
  • Gonard: Nah. Turns out they're not as cool as I thought. I mean, I love talking about hair styles as much as the next guy. They're very ridiculous.
  • Lydia: So, you wanna play?
  • Gonard: You know cheerleading camp more fun than I thought would be.
  • Lydia: Yeah. Are you coming back this summer?
  • Gonard: Maybe. To be honest, I don't even know how I got here in first place.
  • Lydia: You're remember to write?
  • Gonard: I mean, I just forgot my best friend even existing for an entire week. But, yes I remember.


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